Dear Savvy Sister: What to do about Post-Traumatic Election Disorder?

Dear Savvy Sister, What the hell do I do with my sense of anger and despair? This is unprecedented. Sincerely, Bereft Dear Bereft and scores of other generous readers, What to do, what to do. On occasion, the Savvy Sister feels as despondent as her readers, and this is one of those occasions. The idea of a President Trump defies believability; we have elected a leader who has no experience, no knowledge of government, and a devolved moral code. AndRead more

Depression update, book update, and LOVE YOU PEEPS

When I last wrote, I was wallowing in a pit of despair. I’m happy to report that my proverbial glass is now at least 1/4 full, and I no longer anticipate locusts falling from the sky any minute. Thank you, Dr. K, for that little tweak. And big fat kudos to me, for refocusing my energy on clean eating, reading great books, and getting the kids back to school with pencils. But I must thank you, dear generous readers, for the outpouringRead more

Trying to calm myself amid the chaos, and Jesus not taking the wheel

I’ve lost my inner peace. It’s hiding, like maybe in my kidney or something. “You always see the glass as half empty,” says Hot Firefighter Husband. I thought about this a couple of weeks ago while I floated down the lazy river at Discovery Cove in Orlando. Discovery Cove is a magical fake tropical island where you can snorkel with sting-rays that don’t sting and swim with dolphins that act happy. It’s surrounded by a lazy river which meanders through organized tropicalRead more

Give up your anxiety! Just throw it away! It’s possible! (NOT)

Jesus again has risen from the dead, giving Catholics worldwide the freedom to end whatever pain they inflicted upon themselves during Lent. When I was growing up I usually gave up candy or sweets so I could lose weight while I was suffering, although I cheated my way through those 40 long days. My dad usually gave up beer, which meant I had to suffer anyway. U.S. Congressman, Speaker of the House, and Catholic extraordinaire Paul Ryan gave up anxiety. How smartRead more

Post-Thanksgiving gratitude list, or non-gratitude list.

TRUTH: I became less grateful as the week progressed. Is that bad? Don’t answer that. I know it’s bad. But listen, you know how stressful the holidays can be. Actually, it’s not the holidays, really, it’s my expectations of the holidays. They don’t even have to be perfect, but fukkit, is it too much to ask that I not have to drag my son to the car when it’s time to head out to our Thanksgiving dinner? Can I have a singleRead more

Slings and ARROWS of outrageous (mis)fortunes, and I’m so….fucking…..tired.

Certainly one of the symptoms of exhaustion must be Googling “symptoms of exhaustion.” Don’t people get hospitalized for exhaustion all the time? I can’t understand why nobody will put me in the hospital. In a private room. Note: if you hear that I’ve been hospitalized, please stop by and give my dogs some water. My whole body aches. The arch of my foot hurts. I have an unexplained bruise on my side. I keep swatting imaginary bugs off my chin. I’mRead more

Dildos, and why I write about them.

A family member politely asked me to remove the Facebook picture of me with a giant purple dildo. I was all, What? Why? It’s kind of a flattering photo. And she said that since one of her family members is Facebook friends with me, his employer could check out his friends and somehow zero in on me and see me posing with a giant dildo. “It was a Dildo for Jesus,” I told her. That’s what the sex toy lady said.Read more

The burden I’m carrying/dropping right now

Peeps, I am in a trench. You know how I get. My 2014 Happiness Project has taken a direct hit, and me and all the metaphorical paperwork are flailing about in our own little wind tunnel. My eyes have swollen up from crying. I think I might look rabid. IT’S TOO MUCH, IT’S TOO MUCH, I keep wanting to scream. Instead, I just whine the words to Hot Firefighter Husband, who strokes my hair and lets me snuggle with himRead more

Being CRAZY, What I’m Reading, and a little bit of Buddy

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week, which makes me breathless with excitement because I LOVE to write about crazy. For starters, let me tell you that my own mental health is Stable. I have given my depression every single reason it needs to climb out of the corner of my brain where it lives and slither through my body like black mold. Seriously. We are living in a tiny rental condo, renovating a tiny house, and moving to a dilapidated beachRead more


Last night I dreamed I was involved in some sort of cruise ship accident. It may have been a terrorist attack. As the tragedy unfolded, I lost one of my children, and the word ‘lost’ is a euphemism so I don’t have to put words to the Unthinkable. In the dream, I was devastated; also, I became upset because I couldn’t find clean shorts for the child I didn’t ‘lose.’ I shuffled around what remained of the destroyed ship, sobbing,Read more