Transgenders, bathrooms, and a bit of tequila.

Oh, dear. Anita Staver, a Kentucky lawyer who heads up the group The Liberty Council, announced this week that she’ll be carrying her Glock .45 handgun when she pees in Target to protect herself against transgender people. In case you only read news about the Kardashians, here’s the relevant update: in light of a recent law in North Carolina stating that transgender people must use bathrooms corresponding with their genders at birth, the Target corporation announced that transgender people shouldRead more

Dear Savvy Sister: Can I be friends with racist people?

Dear Savvy Sister, I just returned from dinner with some friends. Somehow, the discussion turned from the latest news about our children to matters a bit more serious. My friends indicated that they are sick of the “race card” being played. They really seem to believe there is no racism in this country. “We have a black president,” they pointed out.” I objected to their generalizations and referred to a recent study showing that the resumes of people with ethnic sounding namesRead more

Sex, Brad Pitt, Catholicism, child abuse, and nuns. Together again! Also, Louisiana.

Do you remember I once assumed I’d be a nun? TRUTH! Starting in middle school, us Catholic girls were told to listen for The Calling, which was God’s recruiting voice. I was – am – an oldest child, resplendent with martyr-like tendencies and a false sense of obligation, so as soon as I heard about The Calling, I figured I would just take one for the team. Whichever team. At the same time, though, I learned about sex. Sex sounded horrible, butRead more

FERGUSON: I’m thankful I can think clearly about this

Here’s something I love about being 50: I’m wise. Seriously. So damn smart. But what really makes me intelligent is not what I know, but rather what I don’t know. True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us. -Socrates I love having Socrates on my side. So. Are you smart? Think about it, especially as you watch coverage of Ferguson, MO in the aftermath of the grandRead more

Here’s what’s happening in your world.

The world seems apocalyptic lately. If you’ve been hiding under a beach umbrella, here’s a brief recap: Israeli-Gaza conflict: a fringe Hamas group kidnapped and murdered three Israeli students; to retaliate, a fringe Israeli group kidnapped a Palestinian boy and burned him alive. So Hamas started flinging rockets at Israel, and now Israel is trying to bomb Gaza to smithereens and killing lots of children in the process. Malaysian Airlines: Russian rebels in the Ukraine used Russian equipment to shoot down aRead more

I am woman, and I’m a little scary when I roar.

Recently I was at a bar with a 29-year-old friend, and a man about her age started chatting with me. “Cool!” I thought. “I still got it.” Soon, though, it was obvious he was just trying to get to my friend. That was okay. I can be a wing man. But then he said this to me: “Is that your daughter?” I didn’t hit him. Because I have manners. Damn, though, I was mad. Yes, of course I am technically old enough toRead more

MLK, and stuff I never knew.

The Pterodactyl lost his Nintendo DS privileges over the weekend for hitting his sister. Twice. Since he’s only allowed to play it on weekends, he didn’t take the punishment well. He verbalized the injustice in tones completely void of calm or reason. “YOU CAN’T DO THIS,” he screeched. He tore at my clothes, and flailed his arms like a swarm of wasps was attacking him. It took him a while to realize we weren’t backing down. Also, when he threatenedRead more

Does God like….other gods? Or goddesses?

Generous Reader (and newly re-elected Northampton, Massachusetts city councilor!) Bill Dwight recently alerted me to an alarming story about a dinosaur statue in a small New England town that is rainbow-colored. You know what that means. DINOSAURS WERE GAY! And you know who made the dinosaurs, right? Subscribe or Log In to see this post. Read more

AUTISM LED MAN TO ATTACK? Um, no. Don’t say stupid stuff.

Last week in Jacksonville, Florida, not far from where I live, a man lured an 8-year-old girl into the bathroom of a Best Buy and then assaulted her. Customers alerted a store employee about weird noises coming from the bathroom; when the employee investigated, he found the man holding the girl’s head in the toilet. That’s fucked up, right? This poor child. She accompanies her mother to go shopping for, I don’t know, a new camera, in the middle ofRead more

GAY MARRIAGE! Let’s talk about it. Also, Birkenstocks.

As I’ve advised before, if you are uncomfortable with gay marriage, I would strongly urge you to avoid marrying a gay person. That would be a relationship destined for failure. Set  your sights on someone else, preferably an enlightened person who can teach you to think more clearly. Because choosing your marriage partner is your right! You get to decide who you want to marry! I mean, unless you’re gay. See how ironic the whole thing is? I’ve got gayRead more