Why the F*** do we like to say FUCK?

NOTE: This is what happens when I ask Facebook peeps for writing prompts. It is not necessarily reflective of the sorts of people who read my blog. Sigh.  Dr. Oscar Patterson, former chair of the University of North Florida’s communications department, shared this story with me on Facebook: When I came home after way, way too many months with a combat unit in Vietnam, I went to my mother-in-law’s house for Christmas dinner. During the meal, I looked at herRead more

Dear Savvy Sister: I’m losing my mind. Please, no pictures.

Reminder: The questions in this occasional column are posed by actual people.  Dear Savvy Sister, A few days ago I finally watched “A Beautiful Mind” with Russell Crowe. It was so powerful, and as we have a nephew who deals with bipolar disease, it hit pretty close to home, too. But to see what Dr. John Nash had dealt with and the life he was able to make – even with his mental disability – was inspiring and moving. NowRead more

Dear Savvy Sister: So I loaned my BFF money….

The questions featured in this occasional column were written by actual people.   Dear Savvy Sister, I loaned my best friend money about nine years ago – before I had kids –  to get her car out of repo. She told me it was the bank’s fault. I also helped her get a different loan from another bank. She agreed to pay me back the money – about $5,000 – as soon as she got things back in order. ButRead more

Dear Tricia: what. WHAT? WHAAAAT????

Hot Firefighter Husband and I have been arguing a lot lately because I am residing in a mental valley. This happens when you suffer from depression; sometimes the stars are all aligned and the ocean’s blue-green tint makes your heart soar, and other times the color of the sea reminds you of the mold that grows in opened cans of peas left in the fridge too long. We’re not so much arguing as huffing. Like, he walks in a roomRead more

The Red Ryder dilemma: Who really knows best?

One warm day 58 years ago, on a quiet street in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a group of neighborhood kids stood around shootin’ the shit. From down the road came a Big Kid named Chick carrying a Red Ryder BB gun. The kids got quiet as Chick neared them; he was kind of a bully. Chick sneered at them and raised his gun, pointing the barrel right into the midst of them. “Hey!” said one boy, a tall 12-year-old with aRead more

Question for me? A winner, plus my poor old dad.

My monthly solicitation for Questions of Interest yielded some curious fruit. Magnus, only REAL vampires burst into flames when in the sun, and vampires are only REAL when Jagermeister is in the house. Or MD 20/20, take your pick. Josh, I did not tell you about Trombone Shorty because I can’t remember things, which is because of the Jagermeister. Or MD 20/20, take your pick. Karen, tell your kids that God looks like Mr. Potato Head. Then serve baked potatoesRead more

I gots me a man.

Earlier this week, I polled several hundred of my close friends to inquire whether they had any questions for me. I received four replies. JayVee asked whether learning cursive was really necessary, Ess asked whether petroleum or battery acid is more deadly to ants, and Magnus Thejester, whose name I am using because it’s so fabulous, asked if I would poop rainbows after eating a box of Skittles whole. I don’t know the answers to any of these thought-provoking questions.Read more