Random facts and occurrences: and so it goes when the cat’s away.

If a mermaid needs to walk through my living room today, forgetting for a moment that she has no legs, she will be able to saunter along a 20-foot long sparkly reflective walkway designed just for her. In other news, I’m out of aluminum foil. The children all collaborated on that effort this morning after breakfast, which consisted of rice cakes eaten IN MY BED under the covers. I might have to let the dog under the covers for aRead more

Today’s Random Facts and Occurrences

Undercooked brownies rest like sludge in the belly. The Pterodactyl has secured an old microwave popcorn bag, taped it up and put a slit in the side. It’s where he keeps his growing collection of Lady Gaga pictures. The Tyrant put a stick of butter in her lunch box this morning and pronounced it, “breakfast.” I put the butter back in the fridge and said something pithy like, “We do not have butter for breakfast!” Then she hit me. TheRead more