Children, death and fecal contamination.

The My Left Hook family regrets to announce the death of Bluey the Betta Fish, who may have suffocated to death in his own fecespassed away sometime over the past week or so this morning after a hellaciously dismal existence marked by dirty water, food shortages, the threat of foreign objects and occasional evaporation. long peaceful life.

Bluey’s birth occurred who knows when at a fish farm two years ago at the local PetCo and was purchased for $1.35 adopted by the Diva, the Pterodactyl and the Tyrant. The children adored his deep blue coloring and long flowing fins, which eventually turned pallid because he lived too close to a window faded into a lovely light azure.

Bluey and his cage colorful glass bowl moved often, sometimes residing in the kitchen where someone would remember to feed him so everyone could admire him, other times high on the bookshelf where the children would be unable to pet him so he could gaze out at his home, and more recently in the Pterodactyl’s room because when he’s throwing a really severe tantrum, he gets pretty much whatever he wants the boy loved him so much.

The children and their parents often forgot to feed Bluey carefully watched Bluey’s diet, making sure he kept in swimming shape, and occasionally let his water get a sickly gray allowed him to build immunities against common bacteria.

In his latter years, Bluey was joined by Rainbowy, a fellow Betta who resided in another bowl near him so they wouldn’t eat each other so they could gaze lovingly at each other. Rainbowy survives Bluey, and will receive extra food today so she doesn’t die, too to help her fill the emotional void left by her best friend’s death.

The Pterodactyl, in particular, said he’ll only feel better if he can go to Target this afternoon and buy a toy feels heartsick at the loss.

The children’s father expressed sorrow at the sudden news, especially since the mother blamed him for changing the water without properly conditioning it he had been the last to tend to the pet. He added, though, that perhaps the incident will help teach the family how to handle death. The children’s mother said it teaches everybody that if you live in shit, you die in shit agreed.

So long, Bluey. We really did mean well love you, little guy.

2 responses to Children, death and fecal contamination.

  1. Katie Meyer says:

    ROTFLMAO! “You live in shit, you dies in shit” is hysterical!!!

  2. I am oh so curious if your children have discovered (and read) your blog yet! I have been writing a children’s book about telling kids about death, called HE’S DEAD and am fascinated about a) what we tell kids about death and b) what they think what we tell them means…..

    This is a hilarious blog post, which I shall be sharing with friends….Great writing as always………while it is not possible to argue with if you “live in shit, you die in shit”……there is no guarantee that if you “don’t live in shit….you will NOT die in it.”…and there’s the rub!

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