GRATITUDE: Have a swig before you dive back into the crazy.

Several people I know keep a gratitude journal, and claim it’s life-altering. And, you know, I’m all about life-altering, so I often think it’s something I should try. Do you know what a gratitude journal is? Have you even heard of Oprah? She introduced the concept to the masses on her show years ago – the idea is to keep a daily written log of things for which you’re grateful.

I’ve resisted this habit because I don’t want to add another single item to my daily list of chores. Instead, I’ve been trying to keep a gratitude journal in my head. But DAMN, my brain is so chock-ful of useless information – did you know most French bulldogs can’t reproduce naturally because  they’ve been bred to have slim hips? – that it automatically rejects new requests for lodging. For real. I can’t even remember the Diva’s cell phone number. But I remember my home phone number from when I was 12.

Anyway, when I think of something gratitude-y in my head, it’s a fleeting thought, like a butterfly I briefly admire before it flits off. Like, I am so awesomely grateful for those intricate cloud formations in the sky OH MY FUCKING GOD, LADY, JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE DRIVING AN ESCALADE THE SIZE OF EVEREST DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN HONK YOUR HORN AT ME TO TURN IN A NO-TURN LANE. photo

So because it’s Thanksgiving Week, I want to start being thankful in written form in hopes that it will indeed be life-altering. I don’t think it needs to totally alter my life, but maybe just jolt it a bit. I’m challenging myself to blog about stuff for which I’m thankful every day this week. Do you think I can do it? Me either. But don’t bet against me, dude. I’m feeling motivated.

1  FREE. I am thankful to have ditched the toxic people in my life, yet appreciative of what they taught me. I now know that pink Himalayan salt can really make or break a meal.

2  YUMMY. The other day I bought an enormous stalk of Brussels sprouts, picked off the blooms, tossed them in olive oil and PINK HIMALAYAN SALT and roasted them, and they tasted like candy. So I am super grateful for fresh vegetables.

3  SHHH. It’s 6:15 am as I write this. My coffee is hot, the dogs are snoring on the couch, and I love this delicious quiet time when it’s just me awake, my lovey-doveys all safely asleep nearby. The day hasn’t dawned, but it’s there, waiting for me, and still has the potential to be great.

4  ADVIL. As much as I dream of living in a little house on the prairie like Laura Ingalls, I’m terrified of being removed from the reach of modern medicine. Headaches make me puke. Untreated depression nails me to my bed. Forgetting my hormone pill endangers the community at large. I have no idea how olden-times people led productive lives without basic medicinal assistance.

5  WIND. Every afternoon in her later years, my grandmother carried a lawn chair out to the middle of her driveway and watched the neighborhood. More often than not, a light breeze would lift the heavily-permed curls off the back of her neck, and she’d say, “Aww-aww! That’s a million dollar breeze there.” This time of year, especially, I feel those same cool breezes, and I inhale them greedily in loving memory of my Gan-Gan, like maybe if there’s really reincarnation, she came back as a million dollar breeze so she could always provide me with a little lift.

That’s all I’ve got for the day. My challenge to you is this: leave a message, even if it’s a single word, indicating something that makes you feel gratitude.

8 responses to GRATITUDE: Have a swig before you dive back into the crazy.

  1. Linda says:

    Inspiring post! I think you’re getting softly sweet. I am grateful that Oprah isn’t currently on mainstream TV. She had an annoying habit of finally climbing on board with something she said she discovered, then introducing it as her concept. I mean, I probably read Eckert Tolle’s book The Power of Now ten years before Oprah got around to it. But to give the woman credit, when she is excited about something (new to her), she really does sink her teeth in and bites down HARD. (I’m serious about her fleeing mainstream.)

  2. Every night before my youngest goes to bed we say ” I love you God. Thank you for my day God. I’m grateful for… “He is thankful for his puppy almost every night but it really makes me reflect on my day and name one thing even if small. To answer your question though, I am more grateful than words can ever express because his new dose of medicine has made his twitching ( tourettes) wane. So I’m right there with you cheering modern medicine and the quality of life it provides for those that need it! And my oldest child received her white coat yesterday so another good person helping with modern medicine : )

  3. Donna DeForrest says:

    Turbinate coblation and Dr. Carabiner who babied me and helped me through the procedure to help me breathe better! Thanks for good health and taking care of myself!! Woo hoo!

  4. Michelle says:

    I am thankful for your blog. I have silently been reading since you visited us at UNF my senior year. I have shared it with many people I know that would appreciate your sense of humor. 🙂 I am also thankful for the blessing that is currently growing inside of me, and come April 15, I will be extremely thankful for modern medicine as well.
    You are an inspiration!

    • tricia says:

      Michelle, your comment made my day! And CONGRATS on your little pumpkin! What a delicious holiday gift.

  5. Scottie says:

    Am grateful for Tricia! I would be extra grateful spending time with me was added to both our to do lists. Xoxoxo. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Elaine says:

    I deeply appreciate all the opportunities I have to do good in this world for others.

  7. Zen Jen says:

    Trails & running shoes that provide much-needed therapy.

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