Damn Gem marks a decade

I was 30 years old and just married when we brought home Boston, our yellow lab. Goddamn, we loved that dog. He was big, independent, and athletic – “a real dog’s dog,” a trainer once told me. One evening, when he was 8 years old, he climbed up into my lap, which was unusual. Normally he rested on my feet. On this night, he repeatedly wedged his head beneath my hands, only resting after my arms had encircled his torsoRead more

BRRRRING! BRRRRRING! Bring on the school year!! WHEEEE!

We lived through the first day of school, and Holy Socrates, I hope we’re done with the Facebook pictures of smiling children whose mothers think they’re growing up too fast. By the time my baby is grown, I’ll be eligible for Social Security, which will be a small pittance unless something dramatic happens soon. Not that it matters! Because if I had a lot of money right now, honestly, I’d just go buy myself a Vitamix, and then life wouldRead more