This Old House

This here is a small house. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! We completely lost track of how much money it took to renovate it. (I swear, I need my own personal money manager to follow me around all day and say things like, No, sister, hand soap does not need to be organic.) We’re not quite ready for our House Beautiful photo shoot – the yard is still a field of dollar weed. I haven’t really organized my bedroom closet, so I pretty much wear the same thing every day. You know, like normal. My parents came to visit and as they toured our little home, I’m pretty sure they were all, UM, APRIL FOOLS?cookingpic

But listen: I LOVE THIS HOUSE. We use every square inch of it every day. The kids embraced it immediately. The Diva even said she has finally stopped missing our old house. We haven’t yet settled into the organized state of sparse simplicity that I envisioned, but we’re getting there. Get this: last week I gave away six of my FAVORITE books. Like, books that changed my life. But you know what? Why shouldn’t I let them change someone else’s, too? How fucking mature of me is that?

Back to the house. Here’s what we did. We gutted it. The main living area is now one big open space – living room, galley kitchen, and dining room. And by big, I mean cozy and intimate. But wide open. We scraped the floor down to the concrete, and painted it an adobe color. This turned out to be a problem: apparently, because we live in a swamp, water seeps up and likes to evaporate out of the concrete, but can’t evaporate through the paint – so the paint is bubbling up in places. We’re acting like honey badgers – we don’t care.

In the kitchen, we installed dark bamboo cabinets and sparkly white Silestone quartz. We have stainless steel appliances and an ocean green subway tile backsplash. But here’s the genius part: you know how when you have counter seating, people kick against the underneath and leave dirty footprints? I covered that area with wicked cool tile that looks like aged hardwood planks. I mean, I didn’t actually do the work – it was done by this guy with a neck tattoo who told me he’d beat up the concrete guy if I wanted him to. I really inspire people.

The wood-like tile looked so Boom Sauce that we redid the fireplace with it, too, and incorporated more of the subway tile. LOVE. And that was so ridiculously awesome that we tiled the shower with it. So our shower looks like a New Age sauna. LOVE.


-I had a vision in my head of how this home would look, and it TOTES mirrors the vision.


-This weeping concrete floor will eventually become a problem, and we’ll probably have to cover it with tile.


-Hot Firefighter Husband’s main job in the renovation was to create “a smart house.” He wanted to be able to operate everything from his iPhone. He’s constantly texting me from work to tell me what temperature it is in the house. I’m always like, dude, I could just look at the thermostat. But we can pretend to be bonding over this, sure. He also installed a very, very, smart television that takes four remotes to operate. It’s so smart, it borders on brilliant. It has PhD from, I don’t know, HDTV University. It’s completely out of my league. I have to ask the kids to turn it on for me, plus we’ve already lost one of the remotes.

I wanted to include a bunch of pictures, but to do that I’d have to straighten, and I’m too tired right now. So I’m just including one picture of us cooking in our new kitchen. By cooking, I mean tossing a salad because I don’t have any pots yet. But at least we’re here, right?

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  1. Lauren Dunn says:

    Woohoo!!! Congrats!!! Still 3-4 weeks to go here in Texas… My garden tub has tile on the surround today, though, so there is hope for civilization!

  2. Bonnie Scott says:

    Dollar weed? I decided that it is quite a pretty plant and makes a nice ground cover that doesn’t have to be mowed. It was very good at covering up bare areas too. Who needs grass? My neighbors hated me because it kept wanting to cross over into their yard but hey! they were retired and had time to waste weeding if they wanted to.

  3. Karen says:

    Congratulations, Tricia! I hope you and your family create many happy, wonderful memories in your new home for years to come!

    • tricia says:

      Thank you, Karen! You’ll be reading about all of them….

  4. Linda says:

    I LOVE this pic of you all! Here’s a tip from my hubby (he does audio and video for a large, well known company) (like really, really large): he said tell Tricia to get one all purpose remote. Most people don’t want to take his advice because the remote costs about 135.00, however, the people who do get one almost fall to their knees in gratitude when they thank him. This all purpose remote does everything right there in the palm of your hand and you will not lose any more remotes. It is a very smart remote. It’s called The Universal Remote. My sister-in-law asked him if has a built in vibrator for when they are watching certain cable channels. She was dead serious with her question. Hubby had to admit that it has no vibrator, but he said, that’s its only fault. But anyway, a Universal Remote could save you a headache or two. I’m happy for you that you’ve finally moved into the house. This week’s blog has helped me a lot with my decision about our floors. I want to rip out the carpet and stain the concrete, now I think I’d better reconsider it!

    • tricia says:

      OMG, can you imagine? An X-rated remote….I like it. The universal remote sounds dreamy, and since it would cost that much to replace the one we’ve lost, that works for me. Thanks for the tip! And don’t change your mind about concrete….It looks fabulous! Just make sure you get the right person.

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