Whew. That’s (mostly) over.

I rushed to Louisiana last week to be with my father, who had taken a bad turn while in the hospital being treated for injuries sustained in a terrible accident.

The nights were long. I slept/didn’t sleep on the pleather couch while Dad struggled fruitlessly to find comfort from the 10 broken ribs stabbing his insides every which way. At one point, as I stared at the popcorn ceiling waiting for him to need a sip of water or simply a reminder of where he was, he said to me: Tricia, don’t blog me. I nearly laughed out loud.

“Dad,” I said. “I would never do that.”

“Just promise me,” he said, nearly desperate. “Promise you won’t blog me.”

And here I am, blogging him.

What he meant, though – I hope – is that he didn’t want me to write about the intimacy required to turn oneself over to another for the most basic kind of care.

I won’t blog about that.

But  I can’t help writing about my tough old man, who fought through pain and statistics and unthinkable complications to return to us nearly whole. Today, three weeks and one day after the accident, doctors released him from the hospital, and right this minute he’s at home, sitting in a comfortable chair on the porch and watching the sunshine making splattered shadows on the patio bricks. Therapy, rehab and inevitable frustration loom ahead on the final leg of this journey, but it seems doable.

I must tell you, though – it’s hard to say that and only that. My writer mind lifts the details of my life story like Silly Putty, then I squeeze and bend it into something special – the truth, but more so, maybe.

One day soon I hope Dad and the rest of my family will feel comfortable with a recounting of the past 22 days. For now, though, I must thank you all for your thoughts and words of support. My dad’s back home where he belongs.

Sorry, Dad. I blogged you. But just a tiny bit.

8 responses to Whew. That’s (mostly) over.

  1. Pat Carmichael (Kyn's Mom) says:

    Such good news. So happy to hear your dad has recovered enough to return home. I know this has been very difficult for the family and many prayers and thoughts sent upward on your family’s behalf. Good thoughts continue!

  2. Anne Russell says:

    Tell your dad that I am so happy that you blogged him. There are many ,including me, who are so happy that he is home where he belongs. Well wishes for a speedy recovery coming from NC!

  3. trish warren says:

    So glad to hear your Dad is home! Thoughts are with him and your family as he continues his recovery!

  4. Mathilde says:

    I am so happy to hear this. What a tough three weeks. Text me soon. I have been thinking about you, and your entire family, a great deal lately. And yes, praying too. Let’s talk very soon. I would love to hear your voice.

  5. Katie says:

    Yay Dad! So glad you are well enough to rest and heal in the comfort or your own home! Prayers continue to flow for recovery, health and happiness, especially throu tough therapy appts. You can do this!

    Tricia….you are THE spitting image of your mother! How precious is she?! You’re pretty handsome to dad (wink!)

    • tricia says:

      So funny! All my life I’ve been told I look just like my dad! Then his hair went white and nobody says that any more. Miss seeing you, mama!

  6. Valle says:

    Oh, how I love that photo! So happy to hear that he is home where he belongs. And is being blogged so beautifully. xoxo

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