Dear Savvy Sister: How do I deal with transgender-phobics?

Dear Savvy Sister, I’m totally with you on the transgender bathroom thing – ridiculous. My cousin’s wife and another cousin’s fiancee (both conservative and religious) have been very vocal on social media against Target and I was getting more and more pissed about it – especially since the fiancee’s future sister-in-law is in a 30-year lesbian relationship (now finally, a legal marriage) and is so masculine that some people might think she’s transgender. SOOOO irritating!!!! Anyway, the other one, the wife, reallyRead more

Dear Savvy Sister: Can I be friends with racist people?

Dear Savvy Sister, I just returned from dinner with some friends. Somehow, the discussion turned from the latest news about our children to matters a bit more serious. My friends indicated that they are sick of the “race card” being played. They really seem to believe there is no racism in this country. “We have a black president,” they pointed out.” I objected to their generalizations and referred to a recent study showing that the resumes of people with ethnic sounding namesRead more

Dear Savvy Sister: What to do when people suck?

Dear Savvy Sister, Today I watched a drunken giggling tourist take a sneaky picture of a woman’s peekaboo thong as she ate lunch, oblivious, with her friends at the next table. I felt I should’ve spoken up but what should I have said? Flummoxed in Florida Dear Flummoxed, Ah, social media. We can hardly eat dinner without it, and yet it’s the unavoidable bane of our existence. We all know this poor woman’s barely decorated booty had been posted to theRead more

Dear Savvy Sister: My 7-year-old expects a party….

Dear Savvy Sister, How do I put together a 70s dance birthday party for a soon-to- be 7-year-old, in three weeks, with minimal effort and expense, for the non-crafty and lazy, with a house that’s too embarrassingly dirty for guests? Bonus points for incorporating ducks. The girl loves ducks. Signed, Disco Dancer Dear Disco Dancer, Is your house dirty or messy? If it’s dirty, you must clean it. If it’s messy, go to Target and buy a bunch of laundry baskets, assign oneRead more

Dear Savvy Sister: My high school boyfriend killed himself. Was it me?

Dear Savvy Sister, Several years ago, I received an unexpected phone call from my high school boyfriend. We literally had not spoken in over 20 years, and I was shocked to hear from him. He said he just wanted to know how I was doing, and he started asking questions about my life. I was polite but guarded, and made sure he understood that I am happily married and not interested in rekindling anything. He still lives in my hometown; IRead more

Dear Savvy Sister: HELP ME HELP MY KID! Also, I need a tissue.

Dear Savvy Sister, What do you do when you ask your 13-year-old kid if he eats lunch with anyone at school, and he tells you no, because when he sits at a table, no one will sit near him?  Besides weep, I mean. Complicating the matter is a school rule that boys and girls cannot sit together at lunch. I think he might feel comfortable sitting with some of the girl students, and they would be comfortable with him.  IRead more

Dear Savvy Sister: Can women have it all?

Dear Savvy Sister, I am a 40-something woman and recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. I also have two older children. My husband plans to stay home with the baby while I go back to work. But I’m worried. Will I be able to juggle work, breastfeeding, and a precious newborn? Signed, Hormonal   Dear Hormonal, Historians believe juggling dates back to the ancient Egyptians. At one point, jugglers were considered freakish and suspected of being witches, thenRead more

Dear Savvy Sister: How to handle 2nd grade racists? And their mothers….

Dear Savvy Sister, We have recently learned that a few of the moms in our daughter’s second grade class have told their kids and other parents that my daughter is aggressive on the playground because she is black, and that she forgets to wash her hands sometimes because she likes to be dirty. Recently, she made up a song called ‘I Hate Myself.’ Some of the lyrics include, “I hate my skin, I hate my hair.” She has refused dessertRead more

Dear Savvy Sister: My kid misses her friend. What do I do?

Dear Savvy Sister, I recently had a parenting “first.” Our neighbors moved away, and my 3-year-old daughter is devastated. She was great friends with their 9-year-old son, and they saw each other every day. He was the first kid we met in the neighborhood when we moved in a year ago, and he had dinner with us at least once a week. When we came home from school last week and the moving truck was gone, she instantly started bawling,Read more

The Savvy Sister READS the riot act. But at least she’s reading.

Dear Savvy Readers, The Savvy Sister has been encountering more and more people who don’t read her blogs, which she does not find as shocking as you might expect. Some people prefer to read Dr. Phil’s new book entitled Life Code: New Rules for Winning in the Real World. Dr. Phil himself says his book is excellent, and he should know. He’s Dr. Phil. What’s alarming, however, is the number of people who tell me they “don’t have time” toRead more